My Favorite Artists

This page will be a repository of all the artist interviews done here at The Drunk Umber Hulk.  It is also a place to find contact information and websites linked to the artists.

Jeff Dee
RPG artist who's work is included in many original TSR products including Deities and Demigods and the cover of Isle of Dread.  Jeff is also a game designer and creator of Villains and Vigilantes, the original superhero game!

Interview HERE.
Works on commission: YES
Rates can be found HERE.
Website: Jeff Dee's Deviant Art Page

Michael Prescott
RPG artist who's work is showcased on the I'll See It When I Believe It Blog where he posts one, two and three page adventures under Trilemma Games.  He has also contributed to Torchbearer RPG and makes the most amazing isometric dungeons!

Interview HERE
Works on commission: NO
I'll See It When I Believe It Blog
Trilemma Adventures Patreon Page
Michael Prescott on Google+
Michael Prescott on Deviant Art

Stefan Poag
RPG artist who's work includes the mega-dungeon Barrowmaze and The Drunk Umber Hulk banner!

Interview HERE.
Works on commission: YES
Stefan Poag - Illustrator
Stefan's Blog

Steve Zieser
RPG artist who's work includes Labyrinth Lord and the Advanced Edition Companion.

Interview HERE.
Website:Curmudgeons & Dragons

Stephen Fabian
Winner of the World Fantasy Award for Life Achievement in 2006, two time nominee for the Hugo Award for Best Fan Artist (1970 & 1971) and seven time nominee for the Hugo Award for Best Professional Artist (1975 - 1981), Stephen Fabian has been creating fantasy art for many years.  His work can be found in the Manual of the Planes and Ravenloft.

Original post HERE.
Works on commission: NO

Zhu Bajiee
An amazingly talented artist who's work can be found in Barrowmaze, Barrowmaze II and many of Red Box Games products. His work is defined by bold strong lines and a great eye for detail!
Original post: HERE
The Art of Zhu
Zhu-Bajiee Deviant Art


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